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Life-Changing Lessons
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5 x 1 Hour Coaching Sessions
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Accelerated Progress To:
Finding clarity
Reaching personal goals faster
Dealing With Personal Issues
Creating positive and healthy habits
Handling Emotions in a Useful Way

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Why Should Teens Join?

  • ⭐ Do better at school
  • ⭐ Find the right career path
  • ⭐ Set goals and reach them
  • ⭐ Build self-confidence
  • ⭐ Feel motivated
  • ⭐ Overcome fears and anxiety
  • ⭐ Be responsible for their actions or inactions
  • ⭐ Manage their lives with less stress
  • ⭐Take control of their lives
  • ⭐Learn to manage their emotions
  • ⭐ Stop procrastinating
  • ⭐ Make better choices
  • ⭐ Gain structure & discipline
  • ⭐ Discover their passion and purpose


💡 Schools were designed to teach "hard skills," like reading, writing, and maths.

"Soft skills" include skills like emotional resilience, self-image, motivation, and relationship building. 


Research shows that: 

85% of job success comes from soft skills

15% of job success comes from hard skills (technical skills). 


Soft skills are often overlooked in schools. There are lovely motivational slogans on the walls, but since it’s not on the exam, it’s not being taught. 


This is where the Life Skills Academy comes in, to fill the gap and make the teen's transition into adulthood smoother while equipping them with tools for a successful and happy life. 


Soft skills will multiply the hard skills of students, leading to clarity about themselves and their future, more efficiency, an increase in academic performance, stronger relationships, and improved emotional state.


Jedi Power

 Life Skills Academy allows young adults to unleash their inner Jedi power.