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2021 with a bang


Is This You?

You got the bug of change and you have doubts and fears about what's next. I get you; this is the beginning of a wonderful journey that if you try to suppress, it will destroy you, keep you awake at night and make you miserable.

It's scary, I know. 

I empower people like you to get unstuck, build confidence in themselves, overcome self-doubt, and unleash their true potential.


So, you are pretending that everything is ok and you have a great life, right? 

You have some track record of achievements and your friends think you've got it all figured out.


BUT you are exhausted from pretending, and you hide your stress and anxiety until you are alone (your favorite time).


 You are overwhelmed with all the noise and shiny lights of everybody else and you feel out of the loop, not belong, wired. You constantly self-doubt yourself and your abilities to do something bigger and this is why you are here. 

You sabotage your success, sinking into unhealthy habits, and feeling like a failure.  


 I would like to congratulate you on looking for new solutions and taking the first step to finding them. I guarantee you will find them here. Keep reading, you are not alone. 


Try to imagine living life, free of your own restraints, and having the tools to navigate life’s challenges whilst soaring high.


Introvert becomes Jedi


The Truth Is...


  • 🏴 Everything feels like it is outside of your comfort zone, and it constantly stresses you.
  • 🏴 Your inner critic is on steroids and gives out to you on every little mistake or attempt to breakthrough.
  • 🏴 Your high expectations from yourself are the main cause that you feel bad about yourself. 
  • 🏴 No one supports you, and you don't feel like celebrating your successes. 
  • 🏴 Life is so overwhelming that you have given up on your dreams to do something meaningful with your life. 
  • 🏴 You are paralyzed with what you should do and get nothing done. 
  • 🏴 You find it hard to enjoy anything because there is a nagging feeling that you SHOULD be doing more, achieving more.
  • 🏴 You realize that the path to your success goes through exposing yourself, and you rather creep back into your shell. 



Here's THE Thing


You don't see things the way they are.
You see things the way YOU are.


So you are stuck in your head and think that the whole world is against you. 

You do not belong because nobody gets you. Or maybe you’re so burned out from over-thinking and over-doing that all you want is to be left alone and feel sorry for yourself. 



I get it because I’ve been there. I'm still an introvert, I haven't crossed to the other side... But I've learned to find the gift in it and thrive on the strengths of being who I am. 

It was never enough. I used to beat myself up inside. Nothing was good enough or it was too much to handle. I was judging myself and others like crazy. I tried to fit in and felt like an alien. 


How would you like to move from a Self-Sabotage to an Achiever in 6 weeks?  

If you are ready to transform your life, this program is for you.

With 1-on-1 coaching, you will unlock the Jedi within you and be able to break through your limitations. We will go deep and explore the tools that work for you. 

We will reprogram your mindset with powerful tools that will give you the insights that align with who you truly are. 

 The make the process even more impactful, you will join the Positive Intelligence Program (PQ).




Welcome to Positive Intelligence Program

An amazing program from the best-selling author Shirzad Chamine, the mastermind behind Positive Intelligence (PQ). Shirzad’s PQ methods make sense of the voices you are having in your head. 


 Let's hear it from Shirzad:

During the 6 weeks course, you will be improving your mental fitness to allow you to manage stress and face any challenge that comes your way (YES, especially useful during challenging times).


Are you familiar with any of the following? 

  • 🏴 Trying to get everything so perfect till you get nothing done.
  • 🏴 Trying to achieve so much and never enjoy your achievements.
  • 🏴 Being so busy all the time but not being productive.
  • 🏴 Trying to control everything around you and feel exhausted and frustrated by the results.
  • 🏴 Trying to please everyone and no one ever appreciates you.
  • 🏴 Saying 'yes' when you actually mean 'no'.
  • 🏴 Living in fear of what might happen if... and get paralyzed by your own thoughts.
  • 🏴 Trying to avoid people and situations that throw you off your comfort zone.
  • 🏴 Everything is happening to you and it's not fair...
  • 🏴 You are logic and calculated, you know what needs to be done but no one else gets it.
  • 🏴 Your inner critic has always something to say, and it's never a good thing.


We all have these voices in our heads. 

Unfortunately, too many people make poor decisions that put their lives on pause or worse. 


Learn to trust your inner wiser self, rather than the negative saboteur's voices. 

Be the Jedi that you meant to be and stay away from the dark side.

Learn to trust your inner wiser self, rather than the negative saboteur's voices. Be the Jedi that you meant to be and stay away from the dark side.


All it takes is 15 minutes a day.


Why Should You Join?

  • 💡 Boost your awareness in real-time situations. 
  • 💡 Be able to choose your responses to adversities. 
  • 💡 Understand the voices in your head and how to deal with them. 
  • 💡 Acquire tools to activate your Jedi power and manage negative emotions as they occur. 
  • 💡 Develop new habits with lasting and sustainable results. 
  • 💡 Improve your peak performance
  • 💡 Bring peace of mind/wellness to your life. 
  • 💡 Maintain (or start) healthy relationships.




What Results Should You Expect?

  • ⭐ Thrive through any challenge 
  • ⭐ Overcome fears and self-doubt 
  • ⭐ Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • ⭐ Build confidence to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams 
  • ⭐ Get clarity on what you REALLY want 
  • ⭐ Increase happiness 
  • ⭐ Improve relationships 
  • ⭐ Establish positive habits that support sustainable results 
  • ⭐ Apply practical tools to boost your productivity 
  • ⭐ Implement techniques to overcome the inner voices that hold you back 
  • ⭐ Create a plan of action that aligns with your values and desires 
  • ⭐ Empower the inner badass hidden within you to achieve your true potential 
  • ⭐ Understand how your brain works so you can use it to your advantage 
  • ⭐ Get into mental fitness training that allows you mental resilient 
  • ⭐ Respond to stressing situations rather than react to them



What's Included?

  • 👉 5 coaching sessions with me [1-On-1] (Value $800)
  • 👉 6 weeks Positive Intelligence Program (Value $995) 
  • 👉 Daily practice with a specially designed app (Priceless) 
  • 👉 Accountability POD 
  • 👉 Guidance and facilitating by coach Rambo 
  • 👉 Positive intelligence book (first 8 chapters) – PDF (Value $17)
  • 👉 Positive intelligence audiobook (first 8 chapters) (Value $21)
  • 👉 Community support (Priceless) 


Not Yet Convinced?

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I believe in this program so much, I throw in 14 days money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

Click on a question to learn more.

YES, and there is no obligation on your side what so ever.
You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


This Program is for Introverts who refuse to settle with an average life and want to tap into their true potential so they can live a life worth living.
The program improves:


  • 👉 Your performance, both personally and professionally
  • 👉 Your relationships, both personally and professionally
  • 👉 Your happiness and wellness

If you are human, you need to improve at least one of the above, if not all.


Unless your life is already perfect, this program can make an epic change to better your life. (Since you are here, you are looking for a solution to your problems, so you are in the right place).
It's a small investment that will change your life forever.
If you are committed to better your life, then this program is for you.

The positive Intelligence program will change the way you see the world, the people around you, and yourself.

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps you get out of your head and see your challenges from a different angle. It helps to overcome personal and professional barriers so you achieve your goals faster than you could on your own.

Coaching helps you explore and magnify your strengths while building self-confidence and new approached to handle existing or futuristic problems.

Coaching is aligned with your values and tailored to your needs as opposed to mentoring, whereas you are required to follow the path of someone else, which may or may not work for you.


Weaken those voices in your head that sabotage you from performing at your full potential and cause you stress and frustrations.


Strengthen the inner Jedi, the powerful leader that allows you to perform at your highest level, and overcome challenges with a clear-headed and laser-focus mind.


Build the mental muscles so you will be able to recover from negative emotions faster.


The results are sustainable happiness, less stress, mental resilience, and better relationship in your personal and professional life.


You MUST be committed to complete the 7 weeks program including the daily activities:

👉 Watch a weekly 1-hour video, made by Shirzad Chamine himself.

👉 Attend a weekly 30 min pod meetings with up to 5 members (your accountability/support group).

👉 Daily 15 minutes practice to build up your mental muscle with the PQ app.

👉 Read or listen to the first 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence book by Shirzad Chamine.


👉 5 Coaching sessions with me to make the impact 10X more powerful.


You will have access to the same breakthrough content and tools as CEOs, world leaders, athletes, and amazing people just like yourself. So yes, your success is guaranteed. However, you must understand that the outcomes are totally up to you and to how committed you are to do the work.


A fitness trainer can guide you through the training, but you are the one who must do the heavy lifting over a period of time.
I can guide you through the Mental Fitness tools and exercises , but you must be committed and consistent with it to see the outcomes.


The coaching will be conducted via online video platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

We will have weekly 1-hour sessions where we will explore your goals and the obstacles that hold you back.
Then we will identify the best tools that align with your values and craft an action plan so you will overcome your saboteurs and start to make significant progress.


The Positive Intelligence program will be conducted via a unique app that gives you access to weekly videos and daily audio practice.

You will get notifications, so you won't miss a practice.

You will write your reflections by the end of each day.

You will have the POD's support to make sure you complete the program successfully.


The POD is limited to a maximum of 5 people to make the process effective and productive for introverts and busy people.


On top of that, there is a huge community around the world that can add motivation and inspiration for you on this journey; you are not alone.


You have a 14 days money-back guarantee option.

If you are not happy with your results or my coaching, you'll get your money back.


* You must do the work to be eligible for a refund.

I'll be with you on this journey every step of the way. If you apply the outcomes of our coaching sessions and practice the PQ excercises and not happy with the results within 14 days - you'll get your money back.

More than 500,000 people around the world went through this program; No one has claimed a refund yet.


Because I'm an introvert, and I rather keep my energy for my clients.

Clients come to me mostly from referrals, and I rather give them my undivided attention than dance to the social media flute.

I'm sure you know what I mean...






What's NEXT?

First - Book a friendly Call with Me, No Obligation. 

I'll explain about my coaching and the program, and you can ask me anything you want to know to make a decision. 

If we decide that the program is a good fit for you, we will sign you up and get you ready for the 6 weeks course.


💡 Learn more about Coaching with Me


🌟 Learn more about Positive Intelligence (PQ)


☕ Schedule a friendly chat on a virtual coffee (NO obligation whatsoever)


🏸 Contact me if you need more information



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