Teen Coaching Parent Information Guide


What is Teen Coaching?

πŸ’‘ Teen Coaching is a professional relationship between a Teen Client and a Teen Coach designed to help the teen generate learning as well as identify and accomplish meaningful goals.

πŸ’‘ A Teen Coach helps teens get to their desired goal, helping them determine their next stop and helps them get there.

πŸ’‘ Teen Life Coaching is about helping teens become aware of their capabilities and available resources and apply it to their life.



The Importance of Having a Coach for your Teen

So many teens feel insecure, have pressure from all sides, and worry about what others think.
With a Teen Coach by their side, you can help your adolescents develop the motivation, engagement, and confidence to lead an empowered life.

Often at times with the pressure from school or other areas of life, it is quite effective to have a third-party messenger who can complement your message in the home.



Coaching vs Therapy/Counseling

πŸ”Ž Coaching differs from therapy and counseling in that life coaching does not focus on the past or offer a diagnosis.
πŸ”Ž In life coaching, the coach and the client work together to create a deeper awareness and design actions for the client.
πŸ”Ž Life coaching is effective for a number of reasons, the primary being that the life coaching relationship is a designed relationship where the Teen Coach and the Teen Client are considered equal partners in the coaching relationship.



Misconceptions About Teen Coaching

βœ‚οΈ Teen Coaching means that there is something wrong with teens.
There is nothing wrong with your teen in order for you to hire a Coach. It’s a matter of helping them bring out the best in them and having accountability along the way.

βœ‚οΈ It requires more time, energy and work in order to reap the benefits.
Coaching does not require more time and energy. In fact, it will help save you a lot of time, headaches or heartache when you witness the transformation and growth in their confidence and mindset.

βœ‚οΈ It forces teenagers to change.
Teen Coaching is led by inspiration and not by force. We help empower your teen to live at cause, therefore raising their awareness to adopt empowering beliefs.

βœ‚οΈ Teen Coaching replaces parenting and schooling.
Teen Coaches do not replace the role of a Parent or Teacher. They are the connector between the school and home, and importantly an additional messenger and accountability partner.





Guidelines of Teen Coaching

At the center of Teen Coaching is the relationship between the Coach, Parent and Teen. It is a designed alliance to achieve a common goal.



Teen Coaching Concepts

Our Teen Coaching programs are designed to be customized specifically for the goals of the Parents and the needs of the Teen.

Whilst it is flexible and customized, we do embed 5 coaching concepts into our work.
They include:
πŸ—Έ Growth Mindset,
πŸ—Έ Mental Fitness,
πŸ—Έ Clarity,
πŸ—Έ Habits,
πŸ—Έ and Life Skills.



The Benefits of Teen Coaching

Whilst all Teens are different, here are a range of benefits that teens experience as a result of having a Teen Coach.
βœ… Increased sense of self
βœ… Boost in confidence and resilience
βœ… Healthier relationships
βœ… Sharper vision for success
βœ… Broader attention span
βœ… Increased openness to new information
βœ… More engagement
βœ… Positive energy
βœ… Better academic and athletic performance



The Structure of Teen Coaching

Coaching sessions are conducted weekly and are designed to be about 60 minutes in length where the Coach and Teen will sit down and discuss the latest goals and strategies, whilst factoring in the requests of the Parent.

These coaching sessions can be conducted online or in person, at a mutually agreed location. It is not recommended that sessions be conducted in a quiet place at home and we encourage you to empower your teen to get out of their comfort zone.



Additional Support

Alongside the coaching, the Teen Coach works very closely with the parents to ensure everyone is on the same page.
After each session, the parents will receive an email review of how their Teen is going. And, have the opportunity to check in weekly with the Coach via phone to discuss progress.

Parents will also receive the opportunity to have the Coach become a point of contact for their teen’s Classroom Teacher, Year Co-ordinator or Principal. We are very passionate about providing a top quality service and involving all parties, so that we give your teen the best possible experience and results.



The Outcome

Your teen will walk away with not only great knowledge and experience, but importantly a new way of thinking, empowering beliefs and habits that will set them up for long term success.

They will step into a new identity of being a leader of success and when you get to witness their growth, you too will adopt additional empowering beliefs as a Parent.



How to choose the best Coach for my Teen?

We recognise that there is not one size fits all approach to coaching your teens. That is why we take our time to learn more about your situation before enrolling both you and your teen in our programs.
You and your teen will receive the opportunity to sit down with one of our Managing Directors so we can learn more about your needs and wants. Based on our meeting together, we will then craft a custom plan for you and connect you with one of our Teen Coaches that best aligns.



Next Steps

If you would like to ask further questions or proceed to hire a Teen Coach, we will lock in conversation to confirm all logistics and get you and your Teen set up for success.





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Talking To Your Teen About Coaching


How do I tell my child that they will have a Teen Coach?

As you prepare for your first session with a Teen Coach, you might be wondering what the best way to break this news to your teen.
As Teen Coaches, this is a question we get asked often. Parents often have concerns about how their child might react to the news, or whether they will feel like something is wrong with them.
We have put together some tips which might help you navigate this conversation more smoothly.



Bring up the subject in a calm moment.
Do not bring up the topic of getting help in the middle of/immediately after an argument. If your teen is upset, he or she will not be receptive to the idea and you are likely to meet resistance.
It is very important that your teen does not feel like this is therapy and importantly, that this is not a punishment. But rather, an incredible opportunity to grow and have an awesome mentor.

Discuss the challenges.
Briefly talk about the reasons that have inspired your decision to get a Teen Coach. Let your teen know that it will be an opportunity to work through challenges and come up with a game plan to get stronger.

Empower them to ask questions.
Give your teen time to ask questions about coaching. Some parents may be tempted to open up the conversation on the way there or just before an online call. We do not recommend doing this, as it denies the teen the opportunity to ask questions, clarify concerns, and share their feelings about having a Teen Coach.
For teens and adolescents, we encourage you to tell them at least 5-7 days out from commencing coaching.

Explain and normalize coaching.
Briefly speak about how famous athletes or celebrities have a coach. And, for them to get better and sports or their career, they hire someone who can help them become successful. Same concept applies to Teen Coaching.