Hi, I'm Rambo, Certified Life Coach and a Qualified Teacher. 
For years, I pretended I figured out my life. I created an image of a tough and confident person. But the truth was that with doubts, fears, and lack of self-love I wasn't living to my full potential.


Deep down I knew I was made for bigger things, but I didn't know how to overcome my insecurities.
I was afraid people will see the real me; I didn’t even know the real me because I was living in a story I created in my head.


I settled with a mediocre life, I wasn't happy, I just survived.

I asked myself over and over again "Is this it? Is this the best life can offer?"


Serving 4 years in the army changed the way I saw the world, I thought I knew what I wanted. But after completing my engineering degree, I went on a trip to Thailand. I fell in love with a very different way of living.


So I let go of my engineering degree and moved to Thailand, where I started a new life from scratch. I didn't know anyone, I couldn't speak the language, I had no job and no idea of what's going to happen, and I loved it.
The worst part was the lack of support; not even a single person supported my desicion to quit a good job in the high-tech industry and let go of an engineering degree that cost me a lot of time, effort and money to achieve.


I worked as a farmer for two years and as antenna towers subcontractor before I became a Science & Technology teacher. Later I've integrated my love for technology and teaching as an Instructional Designer as a second job.

I've achieved a Master's degree in eLearning Methodologies and worked in two jobs. I worked as an educator and a freelancer with companies from around the world. But something was still missing.

After a long time of personal development, hundreds of books, and self-work, something started to change within me. I began to realize that I was the only one who was standing in my way.


My journey got accelerated when I discovered the art of coaching. It became my true passion; helping people find what is holding them back from their ideal life. Eliminate the stories people tell themselves that create fears and doubts, just like I had. Help them avoid spending years of an unsatisfied, stuck, and disappointing life.


I started to expand. I displaced my insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs with a completely new and positive mindset. Now I'm courageous and getting closer to my full potential.




I'm on a mission to to help young adults unleash their inner badass so they enjoy freedom and meaningful success in their life and career. With a Warrior Mindset, they can fight the inner voices that hold them back from the life they deserve.


I help young adults find their paths and believe in their abilities while developing the necessary Life Skills, Mindset, and Habits to achieve sustained happiness, success, and fulfillment without stress.

I help them tap into their full potential by rewiring their mindset and crushing their limiting beliefs. We focus on practical techniques (science-based) to achieve the best results in the shortest time.



After more than 18 years in the education system, I believe that there is MORE to life than what you are familiar with from home and school. Schools don't teach you what you need to know and it's time to unlearn what you have learned.


The belief system you have developed in your childhood is very likely to be distorted; which made you believe that you are not good enough or that you are lacking the skills and abilities to succeed in life. These are all proven LIES that hold you back from living the life you always wanted.



Rambo Levin



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