Why Settle For Less When You Can Have More?

Unleash your Badass within

Maximize Your Life

Stop telling yourself all those limiting beliefs that you are not good enough, there is not enough time, not enough money and other lame excuses.
A better future is a choice you can make NOW.


It's time to say no more!
Take control and live your ideal life.
Happiness is a choice, not a circumstance.

I'm here to help with NO BULLSHIT life coaching that helps you stop making excuses, get CLARITY and start taking massive ACTION so you can become the total badass that you were born to be!

Let's uncover what you really want, make a PLAN and CREATE the life you will be PROUD of.

What's Stopping You?

Do you recognize any of the following in your daily life?


Remember that things happen twice in life, once in your head and then in reality. Your negative thoughts are holding you back, making your "reality" darker than it is. The good news is that your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs are not real. YES, you are telling yourself lies for so long that you started to believe in them.
When you master your inner game your outer game changes.


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Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life


Your brain is the most powerful tool you'll ever have.
Managing your Mindset creates your desired results.


How It Works

You may think that your problems are out there and you have no control over them.
But the truth is that you need to reprogram your subconscious mindset.
It is here where all learning, change, and behavior occurs.
You will achieve clarity, confidence and a new set of skills to achieve your goals faster.
You will formulate a plan for your future, followed by action.
Because a goal without a plan is just a wish, and a plan without an action is merely a dream.
You will have my full support, accountability, and commitment to helping you get your results.

What Do You Need To Do TODAY To Be On Your A-Game?

What is your next move?

Uleash your Badass within

Hey, Why don't you try this quick questionaire; it will get you thinking about where you are and where you want to go.
Discovery Session Questionnaire

No one wakes up in the morning saying - I need a coach. You are here because you have a problem that you must solve. As a coach I give you intangible value which is priceless because it propels you to the next level of your life. Simply put, I'll take you from where you are to where you want to go faster than you could ever do it by yourself.

When you work with me, my promise to you is that by the end of the process, you will be a different person. You will get different results, and you will get them in a different way. The benefits are much greater than the cost. What got you here, won't get you there. You have figured it out by now, right? With my coaching, you will get there faster than you can imagine.

What People Say

I needed help to re-evaluate my life's purpose and get clarity about the next phase of my life after a period of uncertainty. Rambo challenged me to step beyond my comfort zone. Gaining clarity and confidence allowed me to launch a new successful career.

Lucia Hargasova

... After identifying sources of stress, we built a roadmap to achieve my goals.

Shane Mackey
Managing Director

I wasn’t sure if I really needed a coach. Now I can say that it was the best choice I made in 2019. I am no more the person I used to be, I no more hide from myself. Rambo made me realize that I really doubted myself and this brought a huge change in the way I see things. I am very thankful for this journey with you.

Karma Deki

As I started my coaching career, working with Rambo allowed me to experience the true transformation of coaching. He's supportive but firm. He let me lead the way but also help to guide. I found a coach who can hold up a mirror so that I can see myself and improve.

Ananda Whittier
Life Coach

Before working with Rambo, I was in limbo in executing my abilities towards being financially independent. Now I feel amazing at how I can face my fears to start working on my project. I am setting up a business with a partner to accomplish a lot in the future.

Duncan Kuria Muturi
Teacher - Entrepreneur

I can recognise my transformation as a direct result of our sessions. Rambo managed to present different views of my difficult situations that I couldn't see my self. He was able to extract what I truly needed through powerful questions and acknowledging my progress.

Karin Schoombee
Financial Controller

So What is it Going to Be?
The LIMITED version of you that lives an average life full of regrets and disappointments.
The MAXED OUT version of you that lives a limitless life, full of passion, happiness, and fulfillment!

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Who is Coach Rambo?

About me

For years I pretended I figured out my life. I created an image of a tough and confident person. But the truth was that with doubts, fears, and lack of self-love I wasn't living to my full potential. Deep down I knew I was made for bigger things, but I didn't know how to overcome my insecurity. I was afraid people see the real me. I settled with a mediocre life, I wasn't happy, I just survived. I asked myself over and over again "Is this it? Is this the best life can offer?"

After a long time of personal development and self-work, something started to change within me. I started to realize that I was the one who is holding me back.
So I let go of my engineering degree, moved to Thailand, and started a new life from scratch. I didn't know anyone, I couldn't speak the language, I had no job and no idea of what's going to happen, and I loved it.
I became a teacher and integrated my love for technology and teaching as an Instructional Designer. But something was still missing.

My journey got accelerated when I discovered the art of coaching. It became my true passion; help people find what is holding them back. Eliminate all the stories people tell themselves that create fears and doubts, just like I had. Avoid spending years of an unsatisfied, stuck, and disappointing life.
I started to expand. I displaced my insecurities, fears, limiting thoughts with a whole new and positive mindset. Now I'm courageous and getting closer to my full potential.
I'm on a mission to transform Padawan into Jedi, to unleash the Jedi warrior within you. May the force be with you, always.
Rambo Levin

Say Hello

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I would love to hear from you.
If there is anything, I can help you out with; please let me know!
Contact me IF you are ready to go deep and explore how your new life could look like. Here are some things I’d like to know:
1. What do you want to achieve with my coaching?
2. What scares you about your next step towards that?
3. How do you know you are ready?

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