I'm glad you are here because it means you are aware of your inner voices, and you want your warrior to take leadership. You also know that it's not so easy, and you can use professional help.


I'm proud of you for taking this step; I know how hard it is to fight the inner dark side  that runs your life by making decisions based on fears and limitations.

Before you continue, I want you to stop for a minute and imagine how your life will look like when your inner warrior is the leader.
A world where you make decisions with a Jedi Mindset; with clarity, decisiveness, confidence, and purpose.
Where you are in control of your mind and not vise versa.


How awesome would that be?


Please continue only after you have seen your new life in your mind.



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The Coaching Process

It's all about your personal experience and shifting your mindset. Be aware that it requires YOUR hard work and commitment to change old habits and behaviors you've built throughout the years.


My coaching is direct and goes deep, no BS, and no fluff.
Both of us want to see results, so let's keep it real.


As warriors, we overcome any obstacle; it doesn't matter if you are traveling the world or comfy at home, we can connect via Zoom or Skype anytime from anywhere.



My Coaching Process


Coach Rambo

We start by clarifying your vision, values, and purpose to understand what you truly want.

We set strong intentions by finding your WHY.

We will explore your current state of mind and how you would like it to be.


Then we start to shift from your saboteur (where limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and fears live) toward your sage , the warrior (where positive thoughts and happiness live) by empowering your Jedi Mindset.

You will create new meanings and empower your warrior mindset.


It's a continuous process where you need to practice new habits to support your new way of life.

With these strong foundations, we can start planning the path to achieve your goals.

This is the hard part where you need to be 100% committed to your goals.


You will develop new habits and behaviors to support your actions.

Results will come soon after, through massive action and accountability. (This is the part where most people fail without a coach).


The process also comprises celebrating small wins when overcoming challenges. Celebrating small wins are as important as the big ones.


You should expect failure as part of the process (keep it real, remember).

Failure is not a bad thing as you may have taught to believe. Failure is just a feedback that tells you that improvements and adjustments are needed. It's an opportunity to grow stronger and learn.


You may need to adjust some plans and actions accordingly during the development of your new you.


Remember, that you are not alone. I'll be pushing and supporting you throughout the whole process.





Here’s what you can expect…

I am a trained and accredited professional coach ACC level (Associate Certified Coach) by ICF (Internation Coach Federation).

I use a variety of tools and strategies to help you transform your life.


When you work with me, my promise to you is that by the end of the process, you will be a different person. You will get different results, and you will get them in a different way. 


The benefits are much greater than the cost. 

What got you here, won't get you there. You have figured it out by now, right? With my coaching, you will get there faster than you can imagine.


1:1 coaching where you get: 

  •  ⭐ My undivided attention so you get heard and truly listened to.
  •  ⭐ A 100% Judgment-free space.
  •  ⭐ Full confidentiality (everything stays between us).
  •  ⭐ It's all about you.
  •  ⭐ You will achieve breakthroughs, guarantee. 
  •  ⭐ You will be challenged beyond your comfort zone, that's where the magic is.



With my Coaching you will:

  1. Find clarity
  2. Empower your inner warrior to take control of your life
  3. Improve your Energy management
  4. Set SMART goals and achieve them
  5. Be Accountable
  6. Apply proven techniques to boost your productivity, relationships, and happiness




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  1. What you would like to achieve
  2. How I could help you
  3. A plan forward
    It is also important to meet and see how we fit as a team.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
I will send you follow-up notes detailing your insights, next steps, and coaching goal(s) after our session.


Coach Rambo





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