Growth Mindset Vs. Fixed Mindset

There are two types of mindsets. One that embraces problems as opportunities to learn, and one that avoids them, often out of fear to fail.
People that avoid conflicts can be described as having a fixed mindset. Those who see problems as interesting challenges have a growth mindset.
Which Mindset do you prefer?




ความคิดเติบโต vs. ความคิดแบบติด

เราสามารถปลูกฝังความคิดออกเป็นสองรูปแบบ แบบแรกคือความคิดที่มองปัญหาเป็นโอกาสในการเรียนรู้ และแบบที่สองคือแบบที่หลีกเลี่ยงปัญหา ซึ่งมักเกิดจากความกลัวที่จะล้มเหลว คนที่มักหลีกเลี่ยงอุปสรรคคือคนที่มีกรอบความคิดแบบยึดติด ส่วนคนที่มองปัญหาเป็นความท้าทายคือคนที่มีกรอบความคิดแบบเติบโต บางครั้งเราก็สามารถสลับความคิดไปมาได้ เพื่อให้เห็นความแตกต่าง






The Adolescent Brain

Advances in neuroscience reveal that the adolescent brain is still a work in progress, offering a crucial second window of opportunity to influence the development of children in their second decade of life.




Use It or Lose It: The Adolescent Brain

We know that 6th grade is a crucial time for physical and emotional growth, neuroscience tells us that there's a "use it or lose it" period at the neural level, where brain cells and their connections either "sprout" or get "pruned."




How Baby Brains Develop

Take a look inside what might be the most complex biological system in the world: the human brain.




You Can Increase Your Brain Power

There are a few simple ways to boost your intellect and improve your brain power, and they will surely surprise you!




10 Keys to Optimal Brain Health




10 Keys to Optimal Brain Health

1. Good Brain Food: Avocados, Blueberries, Broccoli, Coconut oil, Eggs, Green Leafy Vegetables, Salmon, Tumeric, Walnuts, Dark chocolate.
2. Killing ANTS: Avoid Automatic Negative Thoughts. Your fears may cause many mental issues you can eliminate with positive thinking.
3. Excercise: One of the best ways to feed the brain with oxygen and blood flow to improve IQ, memory, and focus.
4. Brain Nutrients: Take a medical test to check which deficiency of nutrients is in your body.
5. Positive Peer Group: Who you spend time with is who you become.
6. Clean Environment: Live in a clean environment, clean air, clean water; it increases your clarity and focus.
7. Sleep: Rest impacts your short and long-term memory, clean out the plaque, and dreams are important to creativity and innovation.
8. Brain Protection: Prevent head injuries and electromagnetic fields around your head, especially while sleeping. 9. New Learning: Learning to improves brain connections and revive neural cells that keep us sharp and focused.
10. Stress Management: Participate in activities that reduce the stress the build-up from our busy lifestyle.