What Teens Say

“I now criticize myself and others less than I did.”

“I fight less with my father and I can control my emotions better.”

“I now take more action than before.”

“I find it easier to control my diet.”

“While doing this program I started feeling calmer and less anxious than I usually do.”

“I got more than I expected, I can see myself improving and I know I will continue improving myself after this course. “

“I used to struggle and think too much, I couldn’t sleep peacefully. Now I am much more relaxed I can do everything better.

Working with Coach Rambo gave me a lot of power.”

“As teens, we have many problems and this program helps a lot.”

“This program can help students to have more self-control which is very important at our age.”

“Teenagers suffer a lot from trying to achieve their goals/dreams by putting a lot of pressure on themselves. This program helps teenagers to achieve their goals without hurting themselves.”

“No matter how much you struggle, please don't give up, taking this course is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

What Teachers Say

As I went through the Positive Intelligence program, I became calm and controlled my saboteurs much more effectively than ever before. This program really helps you to understand yourself better, it dives into the individual that is you, and it helps to make peace with so many past experiences.
It helped my thorugh my deepest and darkest time in my life and the PQ gym helped me a lot to slowly swim back to the light.

Jackie Smit
South Africa
With Coach Rambo's guidance along with the PQ sessions, I managed to hold back my impulsive emotions. Things that caused me to flip my lead and lose my temper are now handled with much calm and respect to others.
Battles do not end here, Coach Rambo and I are still working on some matters.
Kudos Coach Rambo!

Ramel Vallejera
I made a remarkable progress towards becoming a better version of myself and also exploring the light within myself makes this program worth signing up for. Changes that I would wish for but couldn't do because of my own weaknesses now come to me naturally and effortlessly. It's not overnight magic but it definitely is a strongly positive change that would last lifelong. The bonus is being naturally happy from within with the least effort. Forever thankful.

Karma Deki
I'm truly grateful for being part of this program. It helped me deal with negative thoughts and focus on what is the most important - the action. I think the biggest, tangible difference for me is that I can finally fall asleep at night, so I definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with stress and lack of sleep.
Kamila Sierpinska
Before working with Rambo, I was in limbo in executing my abilities towards being financially independent. Now I feel amazing at how I can face my fears to start working on my project. I am setting up a business with a partner to accomplish a lot in the future.

Duncan Kuria Muturi
Teacher - Entrepreneur
I needed help to re-evaluate my life's purpose and get clarity about the next phase of my life after a period of uncertainty. Rambo challenged me to step beyond my comfort zone. Gaining clarity and confidence allowed me to launch a new successful career.

Lucia Hargasova

What People Say

As I started my coaching career, working with Rambo allowed me to experience the true transformation of coaching. He's supportive but firm. He let me lead the way but also help to guide. I found a coach who can hold up a mirror so that I can see myself and improve.

Ananda Whittier
Life Coach
Trinidad and Tobago

... After identifying sources of stress, we built a roadmap to achieve my goals.
Shane Mackey
Managing Director
I can recognise my transformation as a direct result of our sessions. Rambo managed to present different views of my difficult situations that I couldn't see my self. He was able to extract what I truly needed through powerful questions and acknowledging my progress.

Karin Schoombee
Financial Controller
Coaching with Rambo is energizing and motivating. He is able to gently challenge my perspectives and ask the kinds of questions that open me up to possibilities and actions. He helped me recognize some of my beliefs that were holding me back from moving forward in a direct and respectful way. His coaching helped me see I had the skills and abilities, and just needed to take the leap! He gave me the nudge I needed to start taking real action on a personal and professional level! I highly recommend Rambo! I always left our sessions brimming with energy and excellent! I couldn't shut down my brain!

Jodi Murphy
Organizational Change Management Advisor
Rambo is a very welcoming coach. He creates this sense of safety and nonjudgmental space that enables you to fully open up and understand deeply what your goals really are. Rambo challenges you in a very positive way, allowing you to observe things from different perspectives, identify your main values and with that have more clarity to define your own path. It was a pleasure to work with him and uncover underlying beliefs that were somehow blocking me. Things became much clearer, I could finally take the actions I was delaying.
Thank you, Ram!

Gabriela Cecilia Boutaud Sanz
Managing Director
จากการโค้ชเมื่อคืนนี้ เหมือนจะไม่มีเรื่องอะไรให้โค้ช แต่โค้ชแรมโบ้ ก็ไม่ยอมแพ้ ตั้งใจที่จะพัฒนาศักยภาพให้เรา จนถึงเรื่องที่เราไม่ยอมออกกำลังกาย เพราะเรามีความคิด mindset ที่ว่า วินัย คือ การลงมือทำทุกๆวัน ทำให้เราไม่อยากทำโดยไม่รู้ตัว เพราะเรารู้อยู่แล้วว่าการทำให้ได้ทุกวันมันเป็นไปไม่ได้ ค้ชแรมโบ้เลยทำให้ตระหนักรู้ว่า ความเพอเฟคมันไม่มีจริง ไม่มีใครทำได้ และเมื่อไม่สามารถ ทำให้ได้เพอเฟค แต่ก็ยังทำต่อเนื่องไปเรื่อยๆ ต่างหาก ที่เรียกว่ามีเป้าหมาย และลงมือทำโดยไม่ยอมแพ้ เพราะความพ่ายแพ้ไม่มีจริง ถ้าเรายังไม่หยุด
ด้วยคำถามธรรมดา ที่ไม่ธรรมดาของโค้ชแรมโบ้ ทำให้เปิ้ลมีความคิดใหม่ ต่อคำว่า “วินัย” จุดเริ่มต้นนี้ มันสำคัญมากจริงๆ เพราะ “วินัย” เป็นส่วนหนึ่งที่ทำให้เราสำเร็จแน่นอน
Real Estate Developer
I have been working with Ram for several months and I highly recommend Ram as a coach. He has this ability to set you completely at ease and take you on a journey where he is always fully engaged with you, the client. I love his motto "Change your mindset, Change your Life", as this resonates with both his personality and his coaching style.

Tracy-Ann Van Biljon
Regional Sales Manager
South Africa
Coach Rambo has a unique, friendly, and straight forward approach that helped me to find clarity and to create an executable plan to achieve my goal. We worked together for a month, and during this time I was able to move forward faster and better than what I could have ever done on my own.

Sonia Natale de Lucaa
Regional Trainer
Rambo is incredibly passionate to change and upgrade as many lives as possible and has all the tools and skills for that. His fantastic approach full of energy and motivation as well as deep analysis of a client's challenge creates the awareness and desire to take that extra step and go the extra mile! I would recommend Rambo as a coach to anyone looking for a positive change and a gentle but firm kick in the b..tt :)
Serial Entrepreneur

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