Life Skills Academy

💡 Schools were designed to teach "hard skills," like reading, writing, and maths.

"Soft skills" include skills like emotional resilience, self-image, motivation, and relationship building


Research shows that: 

85% of job success comes from soft skills

15% of job success comes from hard skills (technical skills). 


Soft skills are often overlooked in most schools. There are lovely motivational slogans on the walls, but since it’s not on the exam, it’s not being taught. 


This is where the Life Skills Academy comes in, to fill the gap and make a smoother transition fromm teen  to adulthood while equipping them with tools and techniques for a successful and happy life. 


Soft skills will multiply the hard skills of students, leading to clarity about themselves and their future, more efficiency, an increase in academic performance, stronger relationships, and improved emotional state.


Three Ways TEENS Work With Us

Mental Fitness Bootcamp

Learn neuroscience-based techniques to go from feeling
stressed and overwhelmed to
calm and laser-focused.

1-on-1 Coaching

Help your Teen find their path,
reach their goals, and
create more happiness
and success in their life.
Coaching Program

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Online courses & workshops
Monthly live group coaching
Accountability & Support
Give your teen the support they need
Membership Program

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Why Should Teens Join?

  • ⭐ Reduce stress
  • ⭐ Do better at school
  • ⭐ Find the right career path
  • ⭐ Set goals and reach them
  • ⭐ Build self-confidence
  • ⭐ Feel motivated
  • ⭐ Overcome fears and anxiety
  • ⭐ Be responsible for your actions or inactions
  • ⭐ Take control of your life
  • ⭐ Learn to manage your emotions
  • ⭐ Stop procrastinating
  • ⭐ Make better choices
  • ⭐ Gain structure & discipline
  • ⭐ Discover your passion and purpose


Coach Rambo

What is Mental Fitness?

Being mentally fit means having a healthy and strong mindset that allows you to handle any challenge without getting stressed or overthink the situation. 


Think of it as a physically fit person who can climb a mountain with ease while a not fit person will suffer and heavily breathe all the way up. 


Both of them may make it to the top; one will enjoy the journey, while the other will get stressed and fatigued.


Mental fitness is about building a resilient mindset by exercising your brain as you exercise your muscles.


* Based on Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Performance Science, and NLP.


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