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Are Your Teens Ready to Take on The World?


Are you worried that your teens won’t live to their full potential after completing High School?

Do you feel that schools don’t teach them the skills they really need to thrive in life as adults?

Do you think that your kids are lazy? (They are not lazy, they are just confused.)


Parents want their teens to be confident and happy with themselves, responsible for their health, have good social skills and healthy relationships, be successful and enthusiastic with their education and career while managing time and money wisely.

Unfortunately, none of these are being taught at school.


In my years as a teacher and a life coach, I've helped many teens who were confused and not sure what they want to do with their lives once they finish middle school or high school, and even while in college.


While still at school, students constantly struggle with pressure from peers, teachers, parents, and social media. They are worried about their future but don't dare to ask for help.


They lack the tools to handle the stress and they develop negative thoughts and a distorted perception about themselves that leads to depression and even suicidal thoughts.


Many of those who do know what they want to do with their lives are lacking the skills and confidence to fully pursue their dreams.


As a result, many suffer through a life of struggles, disappointments, fears, stresses, and depressions.

They lose hope and accept a life of survival instead of thriving and living to their full potential.


I'm on a mission to equip Teens, Teachers, and Parents with the LIFE SKILLS and RESILIENCE that will help them to be happy and successful in life, while building their MENTAL FITNESS, so they can overcome any challenge without stress.


I've created the Life Skills Academy workshops and coaching to implement Mental Fitness practices that equip my clients with tools to thrive through any challenge with confidence, and without stress.


The Life Skills Academy Helps Teens

  ✅ Build Confidence 

  ✅ Develop Resilience  

  ✅ Strengthen Self-esteem 

  ✅ Find Clarity 

  ✅ Build Healthy Relationships 

  ✅ Improve Performance and Academics 

  ✅ Reduce Fears and Stress 


To be happy, teenagers need to take charge of their lives, grow their confidence, become a people-magnet, improve their lifestyle and follow their dreams. Most of them are too scared or too confused to take charge by themselves.


Coach Rambo

Hi! I’m Rambo Levin, a Certified Life Coach and a Qualified Teacher who helps teens and young adults build confidence, resilience, and the skills they need to lead a successful life without stress. 


We work together to find their path while developing the necessary Life Skills, Mindset, and Habits to achieve sustained happiness, success, and fulfillment.




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Educators & Schools

Positive Intelligence Program
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